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Peter Vitali

B.A.Sc (Applied Science) (Hons) - RMIT University

Director & Principal Consultant - Providing over 40 years experience in Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Chemicals


Mission Statement:     

"My mission is to continue to assist both private and government organisations in providing practical advice and guidance on all aspects associated with the classification, labelling, transport, storage and handling of dangerous goods and hazardous substances" 

Principle Areas of Consultancy:

Dangerous Goods Consultant | Hazardous Area Classification | Warehouse, Factory, Plant, Site design and storage compliance  |  Chemical Safety Management  |  Dangerous Goods Storage and Transport Compliance  |  GHS - Globally Harmonized System  |  Hazardous Chemicals Classification and Labelling  |  Preparation of Safety Data Sheet for suppliers, manufacturers and importers   Dangerous Goods Training Courses prepared and delivered to your specific needs   Workplace auditing on all aspects of Dangerous Goods, Hazardous Substances & Materials  |  Dangerous Goods Packaging Design Consultant        

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My background:

I have for over 33 years been with the Victorian Government Health and Safety Regulator (WorkSafe Victoria and its predecessors) as their key technical and subject matter expert on dangerous goods and incident case investigator.  During this period, I have provided to both the Government Inspectorate and the broader chemical industry a solid support base on all aspects associated with the safe storage and transport of dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals.

Technical author of many dangerous goods alerts and guidance publications for Government, Industry groups and Associations. I have been a key committee member on many of today’s Dangerous Goods Australian Standards and the current Chair of AS1940:2017. Technical author of the current Victorian Code of Practice for the storage and handling of dangerous goods.  My working background also includes working as an Industrial chemist for major firms in the paint, plastics, food and automotive industry.  

With over 40 years associated in this field of work with a strong network of professional associates, in 2017 I recognised the need and call from industry to continue to be available as a dangerous goods specialist and created my company (ChemVit Consulting) to continue to provide this knowledge and experience in meeting the industry needs of today. I am here to meet your needs, help you resolve your most complex issues and we can work to a competitive and reasonable fixed quoted price or hourly rate.  

Call now for a free no obligation consultation by contacting Peter Vitali (Founder & Director) on 0411 258 266, or you can contact Peter by email with your specific project needs by using the contact link above. 

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