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40 Years consulting experience in Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Substances

Based in Melbourne Australia, ChemVit Consulting specialises in all matters associated with dangerous goods and hazardous substances. As safety requirements are often complex, with the costly outcomes associated with most chemical related incidents.  ChemVit Consulting can provide you with professional and clear solutions concerning all aspects of compliance with relevant state regulatory requirements. 

You want better skills and strategies for your business? We’re here to help, by engaging with Peter Vitali (Founder and Director), you are bringing into your company a solid reputation with a wealth of over 40 years’ regulatory and industry experience that is unique in Australia, results focused to deliver your business the required safety with practical outcomes.  

Expose your company to this wealth of knowledge and experience by calling Peter now for a free no obligation consultation on 0411 258 266, or by filling in the contact form. 

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Areas of Practice

  • Dangerous Goods Consultants (Storage -Transport - Classification -Training - Regulatory site audit compliance)

  • Dangerous Goods Site Audits

  • GHS - Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals

  • Hazardous substances, Chemicals, Materials Classification and Labelling Requirements under Work Health and Safety legislation

  • Hazardous Area Consultants

  • Dangerous goods consulting to the building and construction industry designers and developers

  • Dangerous goods storage and manufacturing plant and process design

  • Dangerous goods warehouse storage design and handling specialist

  • Consultants to the wine and spirit industry

  • Tailored audit programs including pre and post Government inspection visits

  • Customised in-house dangerous goods and hazardous substances training packages