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Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Chemicals Consultants

Dangerous Goods Consultants, Hazardous Chemicals Consultants, Peter Vitali

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ChemVit Consulting provides advice on all aspects of dangerous goods consulting, chemicals, hazardous substances and the following classes of Dangerous Goods: Class 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3 (including C1 Combustible Liquids),4,5, 6.1, 8 and 9 for storage, handling and transport.  Advice can also be provided for class 1 explosive storage.  Hazardous Area Consultants.

Dangerous goods and Hazardous Substances 

Site audit and compliance

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  • Hazardous Area Classification and Mapping.

  • GHS classification, Safety Data Sheets, Labels

  • Chemical mixtures, formulation determinations

  • Scheduled poisons

  • Chemical process safety design concepts

  • Warehouse dangerous goods storage and handling design

  • Bulk tanks, design and installation concepts

  • Design for chemical manufacturing plants

  • Dangerous goods packaging design

  • Explosive storage design concepts

  • Dangerous goods and hazardous waste management

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  • Dangerous Goods Site Audits

  • Compliance audits, recommendations, implementation

  • Assist with WorkSafe inspection programs (pre and post)

  • Wine and Spirits industry

  • EPA site assessments & guidance

  • Dangerous Goods Australian Standards compliance assessments

  • Compliance reviews with relevant state acts, regulations and codes

  • Management Systems WHS/OHS/EMS

  • Safety Management Systems

  • Development of Risk Register

  • Chemical Incident Investigations

  • Hazardous Area Audits


Risk Assesments

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  • Risk Assessments & Hazard Analysis

  • Hazardous Area Modelling Analysis

  • Risk Management

  • HAZOP Methods training & workshops

  • Incident Investigations

  • Expert witness

  • Risk mitigation methods

  • Emergency preparedness and response

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  • Dangerous Goods Warehouse designs

  • Project & Program Management

  • Requirements Gathering & Analysis

  • Analysis for Chemical Projects

  • New Plant Design and Building Specialist

  • Manifest and site plans preparation

  • Dangerous goods, Hazardous chemicals Register

tailored Training programs


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  • Work Permits/Council Applications

  • Fire Authority Applications

  • State Regulatory Authority Applications

  • Town Planning/Building Permits

  • Design and drafting, site plans

  • Courses in Dangerous Goods Storage, Handling and Transport

  • GHS Classification and Labelling

  • Understanding workplace chemical hazards

  • In-house tailored training provided